vegetation with modeling

Well, first there's at least one diorama capital sins associated with groundwork, and it's the use of photoetch, so we will pass on that one.

I will be mainly covering 2 themes in that SBS, the use of the laser paper cut leaves, and what you can do by yourself with your own hands.

First I needed to have a look and feel of that islands jungle, doesn't look the same as the Vietnam one I studied for my Rolling Thunder diorama. there are weirder plant species, closer to what you can find in one's flat as ornament plants..

Well, i was fortunate enough to fall on a series of pictures showing Yamamoto's plane and had a good look at the jungle there.

Unfortunately I didn't keep the URL so i put a "discussion only" tag on it.. credit to the original poster etc..

So first I worked those sort of palm trees, handmade of course.

I covered a sheet of cigarette paper with CA glue (take care of the fumes) and let it dry. Then I cut some individual leaves.

Then I dipped those in paint .

You may notice at this point that the cigarette paper totally shrank, became twisted etc, which now bears an uncanny lookalike of the FALLEN leaves, and the dead ones that you can find at the bottom of each palm tufts (look at the top of the ref pic)

Then I had to do the same again -cutting some leaves on CA covered paper, but this time using a regular typing paper as the paper is much thicker, the CA glue didn't deform it, and I now had some perfect shaped plam trees..

now mix up the 2 kinds of leaves and you get this..

Thanks to the usual strikes and a rush in the "day job", I won't sadly be able to post anything new in a few days, so I hope you enjoyed that one

[edit] the brown colour you see on the plant is actually some sort of underpainting as I all the greens/highlights will be added once everything is embedded in the scene

Well, on the aforementioned book I read about a guy being shot down at 3 kms from his base and the rescue party taking one week to find him, of how when you jumped in the jungle you had almost no chance to survive etc.

Conclusion: I had to do something like a very thick jungle, something were you just can't tread on.

Actually i have been notciing on other dioramas that no matter how thick tgheir jungles were, they always seem to stand on a FLAT land. While the first thing I trie to do here is to basically create NO floor. The floor must be covered of pits, decayed leaves, branches, tree trunks etc.. 

2 parts for the jungle : the "left" part must be tramped on by passing airplane bits, while the "right" one would be better almost untouched -you'll see what I mean later.

Anyway, here's my delicious pasta: Vallejo acrylics, sand acrylic gel mixed with old moss and roots from the garden, something really tasty.

let's apply it, blend it with a part of the leaves and my palm trees.

Then let's try a new coat -this time with pigments mixed with pure acrylic gel mixed with paint. then let's try and paint in the best possible way those roots and laves

Left side, just one coat, right side with that extra coat 

Did I mention there was a first plaster coat to give a rough leveling?

Anyway, here is one detail of the right side. Plenty of paint to apply as the leaves of the palm tree looks a bit rigid