Yamato -The Golden surfer


A few short weeks ago, someone in a Francophone forum (might be Canadian) gave some links to both my site and some Per Olav Lund dioramas -do you think I got a positive mention? nope I didn't! I guess that by seeing the first page of my site with all those dead guys,  people passed to something else. Oh never mind.
Truth is i suspended the work on that T-26 till the end of september. The reason? I am invited to Model in Action in Einhoven Nederlands so I thought I would bring something special.
That's it, a brand new waterlogged diorama with demented sea. The nicest thing is what i used as a base for that diorama. As I didin't want to use some unknown ship, I settled for maybe the best known and biggest battleship ever built -that is the Yamato.
Work in progress of course, I just began to detail the sea.