Baba Yaga

You guys know Baba Yaga? She is the top sorceress of the Slav world. She is often depicted as an old lady walking in a mortar with a broom to wipe out her traces. She lives in a house with chicken legs.

When i was a kid my Godfather came one day home with a set of books, old Russian legends illustrated by Ivan Bilibin, with tons of Baba Yaga in it. But something always striked me about her, she is not that bad, and could be actually quite a fair old lady. Looking at Wikipedia, I also saw she could take the appearance of a young lady.

And then 70 years ago, Barbarossa, the German invading the land, what could she do, too much dead men for her to eat.

So here is Baba Yaga, my own version, she stands by a pool (and no she won't be eating anybody)

Here is the head. Handsome I said. And alive too