Detailing the base

So i have got the base and the figure, I now need accessories.

As usual less is more, but then on my reference pictre, the body was surrounded by a great number of entangled wires, so I decided to do these.

So I took an old electric cable, I wiped out the platsuic and soldered everty extremity of those. I alos soldered some of them together so I could get a big block

Then I sculpted a cylindracal shape out of some platsic bit from an old model adding some Duro/Magic sculp shapes on it to mimic torn metal

Please now notice the change of Camera (going from C2005 to C2012..) and here is the Magic Sculp with dangling wires. I added some MS on the top of it to make a distress look on the wires

And here are most of the elements ready for paint.

The tube like shape was also taken from the ref picture but I don't what it is. Could be landing gear but a bit small..