Fossil 2 sculpting the figure

So here we go with finishing the fig (including the watch)

Second day, I had to cover the whole of the body with Magic Sculp/Duro.

Like they say in the Lord of The Rings movie "What about their legs, they don't need those".

yep in my ref pic, the bones are sticking out like that, sorry for the details. I also put a picture of the face while i was sculpting it, I added the teeth with an X-Acto 

When the whole was dried, I added some "dust" on the body -quuite a lot actually, i will have to complete the texture using pigments on the painting stage

The left picture shows the fig in the same position as the original -that is he got one hand in the other. i quite liked the "raised hand effect". I will further work on that on Part 3.