Fossil 3 the base

here is the last instalment of this short blog (for a short diorama), completed pics soon

I have been doing a plaster base like I did for the 2 previous versions and started airbrushing the colours (remember, no seal!)

Here is the more finished base, you may notice the quite hysterical colours, thank you that's an experiement  notice the shadows as well, the places where the crew member and the engine will stay

The engine was painted in quite a peculiar way: after airbriushing some blue, brown, orange and black hues, most of the subsequent tones where mostly pigments with very few paint

Indeed here are the colours I used for both the engine and the crew member. This light red Valejo hue is quite bizare to work with I thought, quite great for screening effects

Here is the pilot now mostly done (stay the helmet to work and a few highlights)