More German soldiers

More German soldiers.
Shame on me I bought that thing..
15 years i didn't buy some dragon things and I was FAR from impressed, even that Gen2 stuff looks weak. Oh well, I wasn't about to sculpt those pockets, badges and stuff anyway

the first soldier, well, there aren't much modifications: new "legs", the head i sculpted I fixed.. Well, usually people here sculpt *the body* and give the head to Hornet. I don't think this way: what has the most personnality? the head or the body of a person? The *features*, the *personnality* of the figs I include in my dioramas must be 100% mine. So I leave the generic stuff to Dragon, the hands to Hornet, but the heads are *me*

The other one is more interesting. I put him is great coat as floating around him, that's 100% Duro. it's quite good to do those drapes even if they end up being a bit thick.
It's time I go back again to visit those figs forums to learn one trick or three more.

Well, I like the position of that guy..