Trim sand trim sand

So well, that dress and the almost completed picture - it all sort of looks like it ends well isn't it?

She has a high forehead, but i really like her like that, she is the way I wanted her to be.

But well. No it isn't ready yet. I recently discovered that one of the main reasons I was such an appaling figure painter was because I was only painting my own production, which is usually thrown together in the last 5 mn which implies unproper for painting figures.

Why then?

Last October I had the chance to meet one great British modeller at SMC in Eindhoven. He was making a demo on Alclads. Some 2 hours later I was visiting the sellers stand while he was helping around and saw him rub something. That was the bit of plane he was making the demo of.
I asked him for how many time he was rubbing the thing and he told that he had been doing that ever since the end of the first part of the demo, "because" he said, "if you want to get a proper Alclad finish you've got to rub over and over the black gloss base until it totally shines, look at the difference!".

So that's it, that rather active man was rubbing the bloody thing for more than one hour because he wanted the thing to be perfect.

Now I can't model like that, but truth is.. well, here I am, just putting Mr Surfacer over Mr Surfacer coat on the dress and rubbing it with Tamiya 1500 grade sandpaper until -well, Baba Yaga shines..

[see on the below picture, there is obviously one problem with the wrist, mr Surfacer and "elbow oil" is going to solve that]