New website, new content

As you may have notice the website changed dramatically. Actually I built the CMS all by myself, but with the amount of stuff growing it became unstable as well as buggy -so much that I didn't had any pleasure at all to work on it.

So I have been transferring everything on Drupal with -halas- a few things missing which means here all the old step by step I have been filling through the past 4 years.

I still have the files and might transform those in downloadable pdfs here on this very website.

To make for this change, I have been adding a new video page and already started to upload on Youtube the 2 first parts of a Galilée SBS video. The completed movie should run around 80mn once I edited it.

I also removed the Spacemen 3 diorama which I consider being a failure and added that very old Helium diorama in the gallery page

Helium diorama from 1993