a T-26..

NO?!!!! yes.

I am actually building a *tank*. Just to know how it's done you know, I am very bad at tanks.

It's not that i don't like them it's more that I have only a couple of tank related ideas while when it comes to sea and boats I have 3 lifetimes worth of ideas and dioramas to do.

Anyway, I choosed a dog of a tank, the Russian T-26. Indeed I don't think all tanks can look well in a diorama, the eye slips on those that are too low methinks.

T-26 is quite high and not very gbig which suits my needs. if I am lucky with the model, it will end up in a diorama whose setting lies confortable inside my head.

a T-26 from Zvezda

So well how's Zvezda's kit? errrr,

Tet's start with the wheels, they are all done, it took me a week worth of evenings to trim, add some Grandt Line bolts a few photoetch bits left from the king Child to do those

T-26 wheels

T-26 wheels