T-26 resin turret

I didn't do much modelling this week, my kids gave me their various diseases. So i have been spending time writing articles for two different european mags (no, not French).

Well still to make me forgive for the fact the site was down for a whole day, and also to test some facebook->rss feature, I put up this thread which is about that Complekt Zip turret I tracked down from Russia, thanks for some advises I got on Armorama.

Well, it took the gentleman one week to send it by post, and then 2 extra weeks for the postman to deliver it, but then I didn't regret it.

Having no experience about resing kits whatsoever, it took me less than 45 mn to build this very beautiful turret. No flash, no bubbles, ultra clever placeholders, so much easier tio build than the Zvezda turret, a real bliss and  highhly recommended (and I don't recommend highly a lot of mail orders or companies)

Actually I was in doubt because of stuff I read, indeed Zvezda's kuit made some engine cover that doesbn't match the turret, so either I kept the turret and scratchbuilt a new turret vent, or I changed the turret and kept the engine.

well I choosed the second solution, half because of laziness, the other half because I liked the look of that conical turret, looked a bit pathetic actually, an dthe whole of my diorama will be dead pathetic.

Anwyay here are two pictures

Complekt Zip T-26 turret



T-26 turret