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T-26 building end priming time

So I have my friend Alex coming and saying "As long as you model a tank,  why did you spend so much time building such a dog of a kit while the Tamiya BT7 builds so easely".

Well for the same reason that i won't model the Bismark or the Yamato for starters -and also because I believe some shapes are better for dioramas than others.

BT-7 look like a winner and is also a very long tank with nothing much going on throughout much of its length -It looks like a matchbox, teh eyes slip on iot and go elsewhere while the T-26 is shorter has a more obvious hotsopt in the shape of this huge turret comparted to the rest of the tank.

It also looks more lousy. Let's be clear, I never model winners, i model pathetic, the T-26 looks unfit for war and that suits my needs. As for the soldiers I always model them as victims. Someone said "War are done by people who don't know each other that kill each other for the benefits of people that know each other but don't kill each other".

Here is the interior of the tank as painfuilly scratchbuilt.

T-26 interior

fater that time to paint the interior, glue the 2 halves of the tank together -that was a real mess!! part because the Zvezda kit is so-so, part because the deformations I made to the hull led the whole gluing buisness to be a very tricky affair.

In case you wondered that postion of the fenders I picked on a 1941 picture

T-26 completed

The whole rear of the tank is scratchbuilt as it will be obvious on other pictures. i didn't fixed the wheels or the turret yet.

And here I prime the tank..

Well, I first primed it with some Tamiya grey primer, and then I covered the parts that will end up being lit by the sun in white Vallejo primer while I added some black ink to that same primer in order to prime it in dark grey where the sun doesn't shine -behind the wheels etc..

T-26 primed

Next it's going to be fun! painting and weathering at least :)

And extra thanks to Dimitris and Vittorio for finding about those *two* figs that had two left hands eh..