Last update before SMC

So the week-end after next one I am going at SMC Eindhoven to show those dioramas. I will bring each I did since 2008 -starting with Sokol -all except Galilée which is too fragile.
This will be the first time they move out of my house so that's quite an event as far as I am concerned really -also because I don't intend to renew the experience before quite a bit of time. Now I think that one (the T-26 diorama) should be ready -and even if it isn't I will still bring it.

In the meantime here a few views of some details of the diorama, of course the ground is not yet burnt and there lacks quite  a few stones and sand and grass bits etc..

Of course, even the very light green and light sand tones are defined; there is still  a lot of colour correction that must be done!

Diorama T-26

diorama T-26

diorama T-26