Succeeding homemade photoetch #4

Sorry again no pic -there will be some further ones in the final SBS paper when the diorama is finished. Anyway, what you have to do is to go in a dimly lit place (I use my cellar), and to take in sandwich your photoresisitant covered brass plate WITHOUT touching it with your fingers while you take of the plastic protection (I use some rubber gloves). Then put it on some rigid surface -I use a bathroom tile, and put a sheet of glass on the top and be sure the whole is being pressed -no space must be left if you want the trick to run. Then fix the brass plate with tiny bits of scotch at each corner. Now of course you have to wait for a sunny day to do this -unless you want to spend a 100€ + UV machine, but then '"modellers love spending money'" ;) You go outside and leave the whole in full sun for a '"number of minutes'". Well, now I suppose it could be the hard stuff to guess. On one site i saw '"2mn 20 with an UV machine'" Let's say that under a full summer French sun, 3-4 minutes looked okay, but then on winter I would certainly wait for than 5 minutes. Of course after having insolated the first side of the plate, i flip sides an put the other side under the sun for the same amount of time.