Building clothes out of cigarette paper #1

I have been posting this fig in some forum and i got a lot of praise about the cloth made of cigarette paper. i have been using this trick for years, mainly to build some newspapers and open books. It's a really ideal material, i have been smoking for years when i was younger, and you learn fast the properties of this material while trying to roll a fag with more than one sheet of cig paper, or even when you are dead drunk. the material is real strong, resists to water and dead thin too! -here's now how to do a shirt in cigarette paper. First cut the cig paper roughly like I have been showing above, cut 2 times near the collar and fold back the 2 bits inside the collar. these 2 bits will serve as gluing surfaces, they need to be not so visible as you need to use a surface which will be bigger than -say the shirt's hem.