The green stuff weathered (4th step -inks)

That's right! Ugly Citadel inks! I need some deep highlights on some special part of the green so I made an extra screening on the high highlights using a diluted mix of yellow and green. Believe me the whole colour starts to shine this way, so you want to be careful while using them -better 4 successive inks screening than a big one. It does a very nice shiny metalic feel about the whole, quite pretty :) Actually, the trick with citadel inks... I painted for some time some citadel stuf when i was a teen. At some point I got fed up of working alongside a trademark so I stopped and tries to forgot what i had learn there which was a very stupid idea. *inks* and how to use them to make shine the colour underneath was certainly the best thing I learned there. I have also been using some inks to make the bolts stand out wherever there is some bolts on the diorama :) Tomorrow, more tricks and the completed green parts -ready before the rusting!