Painting the ground cover ... at long last

It has been quite a few time I didn't update this -got tired of my diorama. I can't believe it's been 7 months it's been started, i already dream about the new one.. oh well. And then i made some major changes to the website, 1 year after i launched it! It should be a bit lighter when it comes to bandwith. Yet today, i started it again -and considering the awful weather outside, i am likely to keep on working on it tomorrow!I start working again on the ground cover -i had already underpaint the ferns in green, and here i am paiting them individually. Trying to play with a few green mixes and also some brown/leather tints to add some variation.Of course some final colour corrections will be needed once everything will be in place.. I keep on playing with video too. So here I am basically painting a few leaves. It doesn't have much interest to be honest but well..