The End

A few hours ago, I glued almost the last things on the diorama which included the painted fig as well as the paper clothes. I just have to take some pictures and post them, so i will stop the blog for this time with that single post. So here is the guy with the trousers half painted. As you can see the right side viewed from the front is painted in clearer shades than the left side -still according to that direction of the light thing. The article is already written at 95%. i *should* give it to Scott @ soonish. It's 15 pages long already! So that's it for now. The new diorama will start in 1 or 2 weeks. Now you have to realize that both Koktebel and Sokol where some exercises, in which I learned homemade photoetch, direction of light, scratchbuilding my dioramas at 100%, sculpting people etc. the next diorama will use all of this, should take a lot of time to complete and should kick ass :)