Sculpting myself

That's another self portrait.

JBA Diorama self portraitNow don't think I am doing those (Galilée, Sokol etc.) because I am a self obsessed git, i am doing those because those dioramas are telling about my life. Really, boats as well as history are some sort of not very important background to my dioramas, what matters is the figures and the stories they tell.

Whatever, I did that one and have a few comments to do about theb techniques involved.

First I made the mistake of assembling various bits of Dragon and Tamiya figs in the right position and then to trim them to let me apply some mastic afterwards.

That's a stupid thing to do, really the Magic Sculp doesn't hold very well to the plastic and it tends to produce too much bulky sculptures.

Anyway I did it. Afterwards I use pure Duro/Green stuff to do all the wrappings at the extremities -end of trousers, jackets etc. I try to be careful not using too much Duro because you can't sand it that well when it is cured.

JBA Diorama self portrait

then  as the Magic Sculp wasn't really holding too well, I mixed it with some Duro (I saw some totorials about that) and well, now it's a fantastic trick because the MS gets way more sticky this way!

JBA Diorama self portrait

Anyway  here is the final result. The greenest the parts the more stickiness i needed, the more Duro I mixed with Magic Sculp..

JBA Diorama self portrait

In the end the hands and ...ears are Hornet, the feet are Tamiya and the rest is me. It *does* look like me, except I granted myself a bit more hair than in reality. i can lie even more than on facebook with my own sculpting.

The grey stuff is Mr Surfacer to try and get a smoother finish when needed.. not a full success here

JBA Diorama self portrait

Oh yes, I am quite long limbed by the way :)

Now i will try and sculpt my wife, that's going to be another story!