Rocket Girl

Well, here I am to show a diorama I will only do the latest part. Indeed my brother Nicolas Cabaret lent me the model, the idea and a few extra things for me to do the diorama, which is a fine pretext to start again publishing stuff on this very website which is certaibnly far from being abandoned.

So it happens that Nicolas Cabaret is too busy and will probably stay for a few months, so he left me the keys to carry on a project half begun by him.

Remember his latest? the Crash diorama used one part of the model, this special blog will concern the other half of the "car".
Now don't get me (us) wrong. neither of us don't much like plastic models nor are we enthused by military vehicles at all. But it is always good to go outside once path every now and again if only to prove oneself that yes, you can do it.

okay let's build that thing.

Now let's DESTROY that thing