The dog and Alexander Kaïdanovski

Two posts in one today, first some murky pictures of the head I sculpted in Duro. He is Alexandre Kaïdanovski of Stalker fame (but also some nice Mikalkov movie I saw). Died pretty young because he drank too much. I already aired a painted version of that special sculpting bit.

Next is the dog. Not very big and of undetermined race. Just a dog basically.. Out of Duro and Magic sculp. I had to fill and sand it quite a bit after that last picture was taken


Here is the completed dog of Duro and Magic Sculp

MS is rather soft but doesn't glue to anything. yet it is ideal to do clothings etc. While Duro is more of a chewing gum texture and glues pretty well to a wire frame. it is also ideal for hair etc as it holds its details much better, but then you can't sand it well and it has not always the best "feeling". That was stupid from me to do that head in Duro only. usually I use some 30% Duro 70% MS for heads.. Mixing them is the way to go most of the time.