That's the time of year again. A new facebook as well as my own site diorama SBS. That one should be completed in a bit less than three weeks with 1 post per day except on week-ends. It is small, not my best, but a couple of points should please and prove useful to some..
It doesn't have any title yet except for the rather cryptic "meat", but anyone coming up with a new one while the SBS is going on should tell me :)

So well, it's 11/11 nicht wahr? When you read good litterature about war -we're talking here of first person accounts (not bloody Jean Mabire, french readers!) like for instance Céline's 50 first page of "Voyage au bout de la Nuit" or even -why not- bastardy yet good French author Guy Sajer's "Forgotten Soldier", you are left under the strong impression that war is all about meat. That's the sort of grinding dioramas I will be doing -and yet, I promise there won't be any cut limbs or whatever.

For starters, I don't like spending money on models, and the rare times when actually spending any, I try to do the best out of it. Indeed I already did two dioramas with that Bronco Gaz-69 kit and I still had the unused engine left, which I will be building for the occasion.

Gaz-69 Bronco model

product placement? perhaps, i don't care. Without that Flex I File Touch n'Flow thingy, I wouldn't have been able to glue that tiny engine..

Here are the bits of the kit that will be used in th diorama.

Bits of the Gaz-69 kits that will be used in this diorama