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heads and stuff they don't need

Here are a bunch of heads, all sculpted at the same time. No ears they don't need those. Some eyelids are actually missing on those In progress shots.

They don't need to be as nice as Baba's -yet I happen to be pretty happy about the one the more to the left.

The one which is the more to the right is actually a first version of baba's head herself

So here is the first of the soldiers as done, quite ghostly position. No legs he doesn't need those. I ddin't fixed the helmet. the buttons are made of Magic Sculp and the hands are from Dragon.

Now there is a commonplace in modelling build logs that I can truly not understand. It's the "Well, I built that (engine..) and took great care in that, but now everything will be closed and nobody will be able to see the work".

Heck if nobody can see the work, then your work doesn't exists, as simple as that. use your time in more constructive manner.

Here is the back of the guy, nobody will ever see it :)