And now for something completely different.
A badass US flying thing made in USA.. let me think.. C-130 looks pretty cool, how to cram a 1/35 C-130 on a 10x6cm base?
ah well, only one of the engines now

What's cool when you begin to master (more or less) figure sculpting is that scratchbuilding really appears so very simple to me.
So here we are and let's do the blades as well as some other stuff. I was fortunate enough to have an access to the great Lock-On on C-130 as well as used the Prime Portal references for global shape.

so, some old kit parts, other parts cut from a round cutter, MS covered plastic for the blades, Duro for the crumpled metals bits, here is the engine after 2 hours job :

refining, trimming sanding ..

the base of the engine

let's hole the blades to insert the bits..

Add a few extra details, trim the blades and here we are