Painting the base2

Okay, let's paint the plaster base.

Of course i never ever use any seal product on the plaster, now that's a very stupid thing to do as the plaster drinks the paint and the water in it, which means that if you are wise enough you can create some effects that you could only dream of when using some plastic (more on that perhaps another time)

Anyway, my bootiful Iwata sprays weird colours on my base, blues and red brown.. what the heck? that's no colours for a diorama base.

Well yes it is. I used some early 1980's pictures as a reference and you wouldn't believe how the colours faded since. I don't model what's true, I model what's left of the memory of those poor guys, the memory has got a blue-greenish hue and that's it..

So here is the first stage finished, the base colours are applied. I used several masks made of paper, the usual stuff.. excuse the low quality of the pictures, I don't dare using the good camera when i am doing dirty job!)

Now is time for overpainting. I wet the plaster abit and I screen and screen again, darker hues in the recesses, tan on the tops and then some random colours. No method, just piling up the colours.

But now the interest of that special pictures is what i am doing with the placement of the wires. That's it, those will be casting some shadows on the ground, therefore I have to paint those (airbrush those).

Here is a blurry picture of the mostly finished base

Except well.. pigments. Now I am a bit suspicious on those because overdoing the thing is very easy with pigments.

Whatever, I just applied some Vallejjo pigments fixer and pour some blue , brown pigments here and there.

I am never afraid of using colours! I have been using my SF Mig pigments as much as the regular ones