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Starting on the fig

Here we are with the fig this time
First a Magic Sculp silhouette with some piano string inside to strengthen it.the work is quite crude at this stage..yet you may notice the nice coat of primeron the F-105 as well as  the fact that the body is pressed against the fuselagefor the exact shape.
On the following day i proceeded  to sculpt the lower body and the abdomen.Apparently the flight clothes were one piece and quite baggy.. Actually i hadsome trouble to find valuable reference for a pilot's uniform.
So that was the first try, the body was too "high" so I had to cut itquite a bit. I inserted some Hornet hands, because I don't want to spendvaluable time sculpting something somebody can do better than me -but note I willdefinitely sculpt the face &s i don't want to have some Roger Saunders grins and neck problems on my dioramas