Smoking the carpet

Look at this… Silflor grass, one of diorama making’s worst capital sins.
Why do i say that, after all it’s « convenient Â», « realistic Â».
Hey it’s because everybody uses it the same way, so now whenever you lookat some pics taken at a fair you see the same grass here and there.
My fault, I used it here *sigh*
Well, so that i can’t be accused using it exactly like everybody elsedoes, here is my method. This grass comes in tufts glued on some sort of driedglue base. So my first reflex was to cut each tuft in 3 to 5 parts so that icould rearrange each tuft in a more  convenient fashion.
After that I prepared a mix between paint Pigments (Mig here) and heavy acrylicgel so that I could cover the base of the grass with the mix in order for thegrass parts to look like they really grow from the mud..
The last picture shows all the grass on the mud path.