Terrain modelling part 2

Okay, now after having applying the grass, better paint it. As the original colour was really too clear. Remember thatthere will be hopefully some lightning effect so that all the left part for the diorama should be left in some sort of shadow. So I painted the base of thegrass in some sort of dark brownish green paint and painted the tip of the grass leaves facing the plane in some sort of electric green.
On the first picture you can see the effect I tried to do comparing right side of the picture with the unpainted left side.
But really what I also had to do was to complete the covering of the base of the grass tufts as well as painting the path in a more suitable colour than my vaguely tinted acrylic gel. So the second picture actually shows my mixes between paint, thick acrylic gel and pigments.
Last picture shows the complete path as painted. The rest of the ground looks really scruffy but I will repaint it next