Decals and troubles

So now time to fit the plane and the figureon the base -I forgot to tell yesterday that some of the cutting on the basewas to allow the plane to fit near the path.Thanks to some help I got on Aeroscale(Steffen and Tim), I was rightfully directed to some F-100 decals that wouldsuit for a F-105, and indeed when I got those they really fitted with my truth it was some 25 years that lastused some decals and gosh how the quality improved! Using only Future, I wasable to twist those letters in all directions to fit the painfully twistedcurves of my fuselage -of course i had to carefully cut those in the shape ofthe different broken panels.
But then i started being really afraid. As you can see on the diorama, thefuselage is way darker on the left side, and brighter with pure aluminium andgold colours on the right side (that's some lightning effect I want to get).But then those decals just were of some dark grey/blue flat colour from left toright, they really didn't fit at all! Suddenly they made my diorama look likesome toy model kit.So hey, no choice, optivisor, 003 brush andlet's paint over the decals with some brownish hues where we need them and herecomes my relief back again.Actually, even if my picture is rather bad,I can tell you there is nothing left of the initial decal colour, but it was all worth it!