Finishing up the Rolling Thunder diorama

Well, something I didn't tell in time: the plastic box I used as framing forthe resin had been filled with plaster on the underside to prevent leaking, so the first job I had to do was to remove the plastic and the plaster. despite the generous amount of oil I had been coating the borders, i still had some troubles to get this done

So well, time for self critic!
It's all on the picture below

So that kept me busty for a good 2 hours applying dark washes and more or lessdiluted Future.The real trouble was indeed that all this resin creeping up the plants!! On some angles it really looked awful and Icould not tolerate that.So i basically removed the plants, cut theresin down, carved some holes with a drill and a cutter and inserted several other plants. Then I used 2 or 3 coats of Humbrol GlossQuote to level the water. my trick to get a realistic finish with this thick varnish is to first apply it and then to BLOW on the surface!

Next pictures, it's Rolling Thunder ascompleted and end of the blog :)