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Sculpting Yamamoto

Okay so I am going to sculpt Admiral Yamamoto in 1/35. Howdoes it sound? Pretty bad to be honest because if the figure I sculptDOESN'T LOOK LIKE Yamamoto, you can really laugh all the way out there. So well, better begin with the sculpting of dear Isoroku.because if I can't manage to get him right I will stop right there.. So first let's crawl internet in search for pictures. Thebest I found were I printed them and realized that Yamamoto looked prettyshort, that his body/head ratio was something like 6,5/1 which I have toremember while defining the proportions while sculpting. No oil painting butwith a definite something about him that you can make through the pictures. Anyway, here's a 10 mn job, just wire flexing and magicSculp dressingI always have some troubles with ending the clothes withmagic Sculp this is why I devise to make the tips of Duro because it can holddetails better than Magic Sculp (though is certainly harder to use). i can makesome very thin folds better this way here's now the trousers as sculpted, as well as one of thearms.]Soon I will move towards more interesting stuff: Yamamoto's head.