Well i know I ought to have make another post before posting the completed pictures, but well really nothing much new could be told at that time.
i added a few flowers taken from a Model Scene box, those were glued on a small etched sprue sheet.
And then painting, painting again..
One interesting note is about how Yamamoto himself was painted.
"-If you see a white horse under a tree on a full summer day, what will be its colour?
-well white I suppose
-nonono, it will be green, only your eyes are trained to refuse the fact a horse can be green so you see it as being white, while he is in fact green"

So all the shadows on Yamamoto are a blend between green and brown..
If I had a final word about groundwork or "vegetation in modeling" it's "never again, it took me 2 months for THIS, sheesh.." 

Very big pictures in the gallery here