How dark can you get?

First let's build a wire oputline and cover it with some Duro, that's the ideal medium to make all the pieces of the body to stick together.

Duro and wire to make the outlines

Then, let's trim the Duro body and then add some details with a mix of magic Sculp and Duro (70/30)

I have a helicopter helmet to build, so i roll a Duro/MS sphere over one of muy modeling tools and let it dry.

I also apply a thin coat of Duro on another dried up sphere I had prepare before hand. When it's dry, I can trim it so that in the end it looks like the sun glass part of the helmet

Sculpting the body with Duro and Magic Sculp

In then end I get all those pieces -I of course re-sculpt and trim the helmet to get its distinctive shape

That I assemble together to get this:

I might have to thin up a bit the arm but lobally i am where i wanted to be, painting is gouing to be fun