Another plane with Kursk somehow rescuing

I decided I would make a sort of "off" to my recent "View From a Bridge" diorama. That's it, doing the opposite of it, to sort of place it out of this earth.

Anyway, i started building this kit, the De Havilland Vampire as made by Trumpeter that has been described by some dude on a British forum as one of the worst kit of the decade.

So plenty to see ibn the work on Alclad, shades and all (please note the bluish tint on the underside)

But then I needed something to figure the recesses between the panels as well as some local shadows too (the highlights being provided by Mr Color's Silver), so here is AMMO stuff to the rescue! I tried the grimes sort of products on the top of the silver but it really didn't work, however, using these Kursk soil as well as rthe tracks washes really did the trick, even though the picture is a bit blured and some effects eaten by the reflection of light..

AMMO washed on Vampire