Mr Paint on helmets

That's me trying the Mr Paint paints. They're opaque inks / Alclads basically, they smell (stink) just like the Alclads and they're absolutely ideal to work with my direction of the light techniques.
So first picture is some Russian helmets primed with Alclad white on one side and gradiently to Black where the sun don't shine. (I know "gradiently" is not English) put you get the idea.

Second picture is a whole spray with some kind of luminous green Mr Paint does, it gets darker on one side, very light on the other.

Third picture is a final spray of Yellow Mr Paint where the sun hits.

Actually quite a lot of layers of yellow. Being sort of inks those create a very subtle overlay.

Those effects I used to work with GW inks, but they don't dry that fast while the Mr Paint does very quickly. And they also leave a very nice glow / glossy effect.
The final picture show a corner of a diorama I am working on. I used several other coats when the elements were in place.