Things to buy

Albion Alloys. these guys make some overlapping brass tubes.. That's it, if you have to do some gun barrels or torpedoes without owning a lathe, you use those : cut it athe right length so that you make the cone shape and then smooth down the angles using some magic Sculp like mastic or even car body mastic. Wished I had that when I did Regulus' 47mm or Gockcedag's torpedoes..

They also carry the Flex I File stuff but don't sell direct. All that to say the downloadable catalogue is pretty cool and should be checked. Uschi says more of it here about how to use some things like the Touch N' Flow system.

Mr Paint inks are obvious. I personnaly don't get why anyone wouldn't use them for their dioramas.

If you need to get custom decals printed, I have been trying here and there to get some done for the Pacific Cowboys diorama, and the only place both willing to do the job but also advising is The website is in Polish but the owner speaks perfect English. No other place to go.

Last but not least, let's talk about Acrylics, those from AMMO Mig Jimenez  are perfect for the job, their vehicle weathering p^roducst I use for most of my dioramas..


Friends and modellers whose work I do like

Nicolas Cabaret

Rick Lawler

Claude "Clervaux" Joachim

Jim Baumann The Sinking of Szent Istvan

Serge from SP Maquettes

"Erik Trauner's Diorama Dreamland 1/72"

Mark Reusser's M Works

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Michael Rinaldi

Apoloniusz Musialek

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Julian Yap

Steve Readdie



Matthias Schmeier

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Forbidden target

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Michael McMillen

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Paolo Ventura

Maya Kulenovic

Little Noirs



King Roads Miniatures

The M Workshop

Special Ops Models