Pebeo's outliner (Cernes relief)

I was sent that Pebeo Cernes Relief product some time agio and liked it straight away. Its fine tip allows me to make joints between the stuff i embbed in water and the stuff itself like my graves here.

It dries just like regular glossy Acrylic gel that you can find in art shops or Valejo's Water Effect (which is exactly the same stuff)

It is also ideal to make ripples straight from the tube -after applying those, you just have to blend them a bit with the water surface to get a top result.

I have been noticing that the cernes retracts less than regular acrylic gel, but I may be dreaming on that one. I should indeed make some tests in order to see whether this is actually a new product or a repacking of regular acrylic gel. Whatever the tip of the product works wonderfully.

Pebeo Cernes relief Outliner

Pebeo Cernes relief Outliner