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An oak frame

This thing costs thrice as much as the diorama itself, this is ridiculous. But then I really like this dio, so maybe the 40€ spent were worth...

Something was wrong...

See this? that's my garden shed where my diorama material is being kept -probably forever as circonstances forced my dioramas out of the house. Anyway that's right you can recognise the diorama.
It's been 1 month it lies there untouched
it took me one bloody month to realize why I didn't like it the way it was!
The black balsa framing looks crap, a number of details in this dio look crap..
so let's take them by the menu

Finished diorama #4

Next diorama to be started in 8 weeks or so :)

Finished diorama #3

Finished diorama #2

Finished diorama #1

Last color corrections

Of course such a work is never finished.
First there is no real base and I will have to find a decent one
then there is still a lot of colours to correct here and there -near the borders adn especially near the boiler as those colors are too bright and are not so great for a good reading of the dio..

More sand

...And then i poured another *yellower* mix of sand that I blended with the surroundings.
I then cleaned the bricks that i had save and placed them back on the scene -with the kid at the middle.

Saved by the gong

That's not the first time i save one of my dios at the very last minute. here there was just something not going right, so i had to scratch the whole thing..

Finished? I don't think so...

It takes sometimes some time to really figure out what is going wrong in a diorama.
here I finally found out: the red part sucks.
It's bumpy and the colour is not good. i will have to do everything all over again on this specific part..
That's going to be for next week-end I suppose!