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I have a new website at its aim is to gather all the nature centered websites I have been doing those past few months, 

This is a bit lame, but I need to change the server of this site which is so slooow, and also to reactivate

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Sculpting the main character day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I am awfully slow at sculpting stuff, what you see is the result of a short fortnight with not a lot of work involved. the torso and the trousers/boots are done: i have been using some Dragon end of boots because I didn't want top get bored to sculpt those by myself. The guy is dressed as a Red Hungarian Hussar circa 1920. There are some funny stories about those guys getting caught in the Russian revolution. I still have the head, the arms, the top of the torso to do.

Sculpting the main character

I say the main guy on the site -that's it there will only be one. For some next project of mine, I will have to really outstretched my sculpting talents, so this time, though I could probably have convert an existing figure, I preferred to sculpt it almost entirely for training. Problem is, I am a diorama maker, which means not particularly good at sculpting stuff.

Hyacinths #9

I have done some 40 of them in 2/3 days, how boring :)

Hyacinths #8

Cotonwool is very responsive to superglue, and that's it that will bind and produce some strength to the whole -so just drop a bit of superglue in the '"tube'" and try not to touch it afterwards because you will glue your fingers and ruin your work


Products heads up

Most of the mail I get from this site is about techniques and materials, so I thought it could be nice if I would both show and explain the stuff I use

Various techniques for the Firebird diorama

I have less time now to do SBS in forums or my own site like I used to, but yet i thought I could share some of "my" techniques that i used for the Firebird diorama. product placement? for the most part, say this to my bloody wallet!!    

Pebeo's outliner (Cernes relief)

I was sent that Pebeo Cernes Relief product some time agio and liked it straight away. Its fine tip allows me to make joints between the stuff i embbed in water and the stuff itself like my graves here.

It dries just like regular glossy Acrylic gel that you can find in art shops or Valejo's Water Effect (which is exactly the same stuff)

Flex Pad on horse sculpting

The reason I use those flex-pad instead of other solutions is seen here: I have been owning the same since 4 years and even though mine are in bad shape they still work alright. I love the "blade tip" which allows to sand in the crevices

Metalic pigments from Uschi van der Rosten

That's a hobby sort of posting. I recently bought Uschi van der Rosten's metalic pigments and well, I used to know Alex before he was Uschi you see and this kind of posts can't do him wrong.