Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga finished

So that's the summer and I will take a bit of rest for dioramas, Baba yaga is finished. Thanks for all the support I had for that one!

I must say I still didn't manage to take some good pictures of that thing. fact is that I should change the base and put it on a piedestal, because of that diorama to work, light has to flow from underside of it so that the transparency of the water could be very obvious.

More to follow I suppose..

gallery here


After some 4 or 5 days pouring resin coat after resin coat I got that :

looks eerie. It looks like this when I put it on my table (no particular light effect


And this is where the fun part starts, driving blind and engineering.

Do you see this picture? here I show the bits of the bridge as they will be seen from under the water -the place where those will be cut will be the water level.

Dead Snow

Well I still took one week worth of evenings (in a lazy fashion still) to paint those.

Acrylics, then oils then acrylics, they don't need to be perfect really. Those are dead which explains the eyes and very white complexion. You may also notice that I have been doing some highlights with very viivid green hues on the top of the bodies, that's because that's that will be the most noticeable by the end of the diorama.

More German soldiers

More German soldiers.
Shame on me I bought that thing..
15 years i didn't buy some dragon things and I was FAR from impressed, even that Gen2 stuff looks weak. Oh well, I wasn't about to sculpt those pockets, badges and stuff anyway

Trim sand trim sand

So well, that dress and the almost completed picture - it all sort of looks like it ends well isn't it?

She has a high forehead, but i really like her like that, she is the way I wanted her to be.

Comme here little duckie

let's resume the sculpting - the dress is a simple thing, just one thing Duro sheet wrapped around the body.

This will be tied by a few buttons but nothing else really. The hard thing to do is -indeed- the wrapping which must be done on the whole body globally athe same time. I added a few "ripples" afterwards and corrected the odd ones.