Fossil series

Fossil 3 the base

here is the last instalment of this short blog (for a short diorama), completed pics soon

I have been doing a plaster base like I did for the 2 previous versions and started airbrushing the colours (remember, no seal!)


And now for something completely different.
A badass US flying thing made in USA.. let me think.. C-130 looks pretty cool, how to cram a 1/35 C-130 on a 10x6cm base?
ah well, only one of the engines now

What's cool when you begin to master (more or less) figure sculpting is that scratchbuilding really appears so very simple to me.
So here we are and let's do the blades as well as some other stuff. I was fortunate enough to have an access to the great Lock-On on C-130 as well as used the Prime Portal references for global shape.

Finishing Fossil 2

So here I am painting the wires with the stuff I use, some vallejo paints and pigments. The wires were pretty burnt out so I applied with pigments with an old brush on the top of the wet paint to make stuff like ashes

Painting the base2

Okay, let's paint the plaster base.

Of course i never ever use any seal product on the plaster, now that's a very stupid thing to do as the plaster drinks the paint and the water in it, which means that if you are wise enough you can create some effects that you could only dream of when using some plastic (more on that perhaps another time)

Anyway, my bootiful Iwata sprays weird colours on my base, blues and red brown.. what the heck? that's no colours for a diorama base.

Detailing the base

So i have got the base and the figure, I now need accessories.

As usual less is more, but then on my reference pictre, the body was surrounded by a great number of entangled wires, so I decided to do these.

So I took an old electric cable, I wiped out the platsuic and soldered everty extremity of those. I alos soldered some of them together so I could get a big block

More model making (the T-26)

Well, the internet is a great place to find reference -especially on Russian stuff. So between walkarounds and online books I finally foudn out how was done most of the interior for that T-26 tank, plenty of plasticard. I still have to do all the cases and stuff on each side of the direction bar.