Starting the T-26 painting

Now the Blacken -It is really an amazing product. I thought it blackened the metal Friul tracks but it doesn't really. they get some sort of rusty sandy tint which is spot on. With even some natural weathering here and there. When you rub the tracks with your fingers they start to get a darker color etc. Really good.

Now I just fixed them in place without overpainting them and started my usual painting process on the wheels. This is not bad looking, but nbot very precise and some work will be needed still.

Arranging the 100mm bubble

Then i cut a platic striped the same height as the upper section and glued it inside the hole and recovered the whole with some Magic Sculp (look at the picture). Well I am quite late for this blog, The next instalment will be on friday :) And thanks Charles!

The 100mm gun space

Ah well, on my original plans I had overlook some big bubble on the top of the hull which is the place where one 100mm gun (5 inches?) gun was fixed. So well, here i vacuformed the place using a light bulb of the right dimensions!
Now will I make the gun itself?
Well no.
Simply because there is no reference at all findable!! I have been asking in french forums but they proved to be an almost desert. I can't believe the amount of stuff I have on pre 1917 russian stuff compare to the scarcity of the french stuff.
Curse the French.

back to the hull

Despite my relative silence there, I have been doing giant steps on the diorama.
Here I can introduce the rear half of the upper hull -done out of voluntary failed photoetch, so that i copuld have some weird textures. And then why photoetch?
Well i needed some small rivits holes evenly spaced on some places to help the painting later. You can't beat ciomputer to align stuff properly so thgis is what i have been doing :)