Light effects

Here are some lightnings effects done on a 1/35 tree modelled out of A&B mastic (ideal for that kind of modeling). this is for the soon to be aired Red Riding Hood diorama

Tree 1/35

Wall of stone

Neither my torpedoes nor my boat are completely finished, but then I wanted to have atry at some walls, made of stone.

?? - ????? ?????

So "you can't model the smoke, you can't model the spray, you can't model the smell" -or can you?.. at least the spray :)

This time the water is 95% done and there will be no more in progress shots of this diorama before I fire it up. There are still some parts behind the flower which look  a bit unconvincing. Otherwise I managed to make the flying foam with some special wool which is not cotton, but that's something I will explain later as it's my own version on a trick first given by modeleur extraordinaire Jim Baumann.

Evil Dead

Okay so how many people who might fall on this post did I actually meet? Actually 7 it seems. Some still seem to find it hard to understand how an honest father of two, happily married and all can actually model these kind of things.
I have always been sort of annoyed by some sort of pink colour modulation haze surrounding the realms of model making. yes you can model some soldiers having  a cup of tea near the tank, but you can't model the people they will kill nor can you model them after having been killed.

More Diorama pleasures

Friul T-26 tracks are really very small, you need a lot to do the whole of the tank. I still have 10 cms to do.

Very expensive to buy, Very tedious to build but they really look awesome in the end.

Friul T-26 tracks



Fitting yes. I think that's one of the thing that lack the most in diorama making. You've got some terrain, some guys standing, some vehicles.. But the only real attempt at making the whole fit is to make some foot or tracks traces on the floor.

I try to go a bit beyond that lately, first by completely integrating the ice in my Pam Azova, this time by integrating *people* on the vehicle. But then it's fig sculpting and this is not my strong point.

Anyway, here's a close to slip guy as integrated on the rear of the T-26

More model making (the T-26)

Well, the internet is a great place to find reference -especially on Russian stuff. So between walkarounds and online books I finally foudn out how was done most of the interior for that T-26 tank, plenty of plasticard. I still have to do all the cases and stuff on each side of the direction bar.

1/35 Herons

I have been spending an evening looking at pictures of the Dniepr on Google Earth, fascinating tool and place..

Anyway, after albatross and seagulls I had a try at herons, the tip of the wings are done of CA glue coated paper, while the wings and body are in Green Stuff and Magic Sculp. The grey shades are Mr Surfacer.