Mr Paint on helmets

That's me trying the Mr Paint paints. They're opaque inks / Alclads basically, they smell (stink) just like the Alclads and they're absolutely ideal to work with my direction of the light techniques.

Another plane with Kursk somehow rescuing

I decided I would make a sort of "off" to my recent "View From a Bridge" diorama. That's it, doing the opposite of it, to sort of place it out of this earth.

Anyway, i started building this kit, the De Havilland Vampire as made by Trumpeter that has been described by some dude on a British forum as one of the worst kit of the decade.

So plenty to see ibn the work on Alclad, shades and all (please note the bluish tint on the underside)

Painting the boat

Painting the boat was the usual wet on wet technique, complete with (very few) Mig pigments, I did it in quite a short time compared to the wall bit. That's a mostly gallery post  but  there is a trick after one or 2 pictures

Russian PT boat 1/35

So have a look at the picrture and what do you notice? left side is grey, right side is yellow, how does it come? that's not only because the outdoor line came from the right, no, it's because *in my diorama, the light will come from the front*. Actually, the boat will be oblique relative to the scene. So thanks to my airbrush and a few hours of cork I managed to recreate this effect of light. remember that for me a diorama must come with its own light embedded and not rely on external sources of light to work..

That is most visible on the bellow picture

Russian PT boat 1/35 Russian PT boat 1/35 Russian PT boat 1/35

And now here is a preview of the diorama. That's right, it just needs a few groundwork as well as painting my wife and last but not least, do a good sea!

Diorama preview Russian PT boat 1/35