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On my workbench

Another diorama,.. actually somewhat 4 of them at various stages of completion are lying here and there.

Here is a in progress picture of one called Lorelei. Resin has troubles to set in the winter.

Lorelei diorama

Among my swan

late in posting, it is rather cold outside so I practise sculpting indoors where it's harder to take photographs. This is one swan I just sculpted for one of my forthcoming dioramas.

Magic Sculp + Duro, the usual

1/35 Swan

Floodlands (the 8 hours diorama)

So I have been putting in my head that I wanted to do workshops. That's it workshops! In order for me to get invited in cool place where i could actually meet the people I have been trying to create some "8 hours diorama".

Did I succeed?

Well no. that one (called Floodlands, gallery here) was done in about 16 hours which means the double. That means I will have to work on all the bottlenecks i have been experiencing, like here for instance :


Apparently, my Galilée diorama is at the bottom of the right breast of the girl model. Gee.

the Weathering Magazine

A new website

It has been a long time but I took it to revamp a bit that old website, i just hope it's less slow and terribly designed than before


hell diorama in progress