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I can Fly now -a résumé

So this is that my website got a few loading probelms and I had to redo the 2 latest blog entries which were about my latest diorama called "I can Fly now", here is what i wrote last summer :

I have a new diorama which should be ready soon but that won't make it in a blog because of no time really.

I also have been upgrading my website a bit, allowing to post even bigger pictuires for big screens and tiny ones for small screens. it should work!

This below is a gift from my friend Alex, the vehicle is weird enough, and I will work on this..

Homemade Photoetch - Rhein Gold part 2

Now the trick for etching brass is that the etching must be the fastest possible.

That means that the bath musn't be clogged, the Perchlorure de fer (okay, can't remind how to say that in English), it must also be stirred and heated

So in an old aquarium I put 2 liters of the acid, an aquarium heater and air pump and dipped the fret in it.

You can see pretty fast if things go well. look below the parts pop out of the metal

Homemade Photoetch - Rhein Gold

When i changed my website earlier this year, all of my archives went down the drain. including everything related to Homemade Photoetch. So here is a bit of a reminder associated to my newest project.

Well first let's spend a bit of time on Inkscape or Illustrator (any vector graphic software) drawing this nice plan. Remember, there should be the less white possible because the white parts will be dissolved and you don't need to get your acid bath clogged too early.


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