Rocket Girl


Well first a general picture of the layout, the colours are once more terrible

Getting the base ready

On for the base! This is some car repairing mastic, quite smelly stuff that I fluidified with Acetone. You can't see much as the white sort of crushes the contrasts but the ground is designed so that it looks like a mud pool with plenty of rills coming out from the vehicle.
Problem: it already bent the plastic base I used -I know it was a quite stupid move from me to use a simple plasticard base for such an aggressive product to use on top, but well.. I feel pretty tired these days

Painting the vehicle

So I have a friend who tells me "you should put pictures with the material you actually use", oh well nothing fancy, no Mig Interactive stuff. I'd even say that even though I have the 2/3 of the Mig pigments collections, the 2 that I use the most are Windsor and Newton's, namely "VanDyke Brown" and "Burnt Sienna" which speaks more to me than "Ghoulish red" or "Chaos Black"
oops, that was games Workshop

A new roof

Let's rebuild what's been destroy, a new rood done with soft metal.

Lert's secure the whole build y pressing some green stuf on the underside of the roof

Rocket Girl

Well, here I am to show a diorama I will only do the latest part. Indeed my brother Nicolas Cabaret lent me the model, the idea and a few extra things for me to do the diorama, which is a fine pretext to start again publishing stuff on this very website which is certaibnly far from being abandoned.

So it happens that Nicolas Cabaret is too busy and will probably stay for a few months, so he left me the keys to carry on a project half begun by him.

T-26 resin turret

I didn't do much modelling this week, my kids gave me their various diseases. So i have been spending time writing articles for two different european mags (no, not French).

Well still to make me forgive for the fact the site was down for a whole day, and also to test some facebook->rss feature, I put up this thread which is about that Complekt Zip turret I tracked down from Russia, thanks for some advises I got on Armorama.

Well, it took the gentleman one week to send it by post, and then 2 extra weeks for the postman to deliver it, but then I didn't regret it.