Rolling Thunder

A resume

So here are all the parts already done which are enough to create an un-detailed portion of the f-105 fuselage. You may notice all the inner compartmenting that I will have to detail with various boxesand wires and stuff. And start sculpting a late pilot too.
I also cut the plastic canopy to the right dimension, and yep it fits! 


So i am right into building somecompartments walls. that's it, at least 4 trapdoors will stay open or will bepulled out, so time to do something about it -though I might be plagued by lackof reference at one point. I should ask at Hyperscale for close up pics.So for those I use either plastic or likehere my car repair mastic, i wait for it to start setting and cut it with anX-Acto.

Then here they are trapdoors.. notice the roundey thing, it's the place whereyou put the minigun. it's Magic Sculp and phortoetch from my homemade set.

Keeping on building the hull

What’s below the plane is absolutelyugly:  this is car filler to get the metal all smooth. I have been using thisstuff for years, it really stink but is incredibly efficient to sculpt minutethings, using Acetone, a gas mask and a brush you can even sculpt figs with it –Istill have some Orks done this way in some corner (I believe)

Anyway, here it’s been applied on the back of the metal for a goodreason, it’s a very light paste and it can’t deform the fragilelead foil when applied. It makes a strong bond too.Well, now it’s going o be a bitboring till the completion of the hull as it’s basically more plateassembly.. PE today. 

The upper part of the hull

Oh yeah, this begins to look pretty cool !Notice the mix between PE parts bent on the right position (by pressing them againsta curved surface like a Tenax bottle for instance) as well as the aluminumparts.. But then how did I manage to hold all this stuff together?

Answer tomorrow eh..

Building all the panels

So I applied aruler against the metal and used a pin to do all the little rivets holes.Stupid of me, I should have buy that Trumpeteer tool to do so, this provedtiresome and maybe less regular than if I had used a tool.

Oh well.

In the end I have all those bits –enough to do the upper part of the plane(well, cockpit area!)

The lead foil is absolutely fantastic to create all kinds of destruction onaluminum, look at that destroyed panel!

More about that plaster form

Then, more about this plaster form. first Ihave to makes some choices, which parts I will keep (in black); which part Iwill not use (or scatter all over the place).

Now I had some trouble to obtain this: lead foil. This is incredibly expensive!I found that in a French mail order, that’s some SmallShop stuff to dorivets (another good idea that looks like it went in the drain). Anyway, theirlead foil is okay for my needs.

So let's start cutting and bending..

The canopy is soldered

This I am happy about: I have been able to bend my PE okay and to solder the canopy it in position -this looks like the real thing! There will be some glass shattered here and there. i will have tobe really very cautious in gluing it.

Messing with photoetch a bit and doing some work all over again

So now i try to mess up a  bit with thephotoetch -first you may have noticed that none of the parts were attached,they tend to go here and there in the acid bath so you have to be careful and filter thoroughly, but then after not much trimming to do.

Here are the parts for the cockpit, i'mgoing to solder it over the week-end to get stronger bonds and add a shatteredcanopy for good measure as well as adding some rivets

Etching time

So here I am back to this photoetch plate.I have to reckon that the French product is -well-somewhat better than theBritish one, more sensible, but has a great downside it's that the varnish ituses is also way more fragile (look at the big cut traces on the plate), sowhat to choose?..

I have French stuff right now, so i'll use it, but how I have to be ultracareful with it when handling!

Sorry no pics of the actual etching, but i had to dip the fret into an etchingtank of my own build, and after 1 hour in the ferric oxide, I got that (below).Yep, that should be enough for my f-105 :)