Dipping the fret

So the point of those pics is to show basically what i do and to present -vaguely for the moment- the devices I have been building.
The red thing is the etch tank done out of a morning chocolate box, which is pierced and plugged to an aquarium air pump.
I take the fret between 2 wooden bits and secure the whole in a strong clamp (If i were to dip the clamp in the ferous oxyde, the metal parts would be attacked by the acid)

Rusty Photoetch

I *think* that during all those weeks of trying, I managed to streamline the photetching making process. more on this soon.
Anyway, here's a ravaged looking photoetch set that I left too much in the acid. Why? hey, i needed it to be really very rusty looking, And I think i managed!

failed phototetch -reason 1

I have been building a very efficient machine to lighten up the photoresist covered brass, but have a look at this, I shopuld have known it wouldn't work. The thing is I have been printing the sheme on some transparent laser paper but my printer is NOT good enough..

Failed photoetching

And here i go again with this hell that is homemade photoetching. Here is one of the frets i need for the diorama, and it's the one of the escape door behind the turret. No problem to design the fret..