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Wire for strength

I want to be able to manipulate the stuff without breaking anything. And it's not gonna be easy, so i used some wire. As the square shaped plastic I have been using is hollow, I will run those wires through it

Numbering the parts 2

So here I cut the parts and when those are done, I number them using an indelible pen and blacken the plan.

Looks stupid maybe, but applying some simple rules when I work allows me to save quite a bit of time when I start assembling the parts together

The cros sections

Here are the 5 cross sections. They're pretty ugly and not cut on the right dimensions yet. Most will end up being hidden.
Next step is all the small horizontal plastic cross sections, how boring.

Here we go again.

2 months of rest, it's about time I start again.
In my head i am already several months in advance when it comes to the work to be done, I *know* what i will do so let's hope I am not too tired on evenings and that i can move on pretty fast now.
I will film through the whole process of the diorama and already began, the thing is, I don't have th right cable to go from the camera to the computer, so no video today :)

First step, doing the cross sections of the part of the boat. I have been using some 5mm diameter plastic square section and have been bending it under a flame to get what you have on the picture.
4 others to go..

Which part of the Masséna?

Contrary to my cheapo tendencies, I have been buying (cheap) some early XXth century postcards about the Masséna, and my usual friends gave me a ton of great pictures.
As for the plans I have been finding them at the Ressource Historique website.
Here's the part of the ship I will build..

The Masséna

Look at this splendor, this is French ironclad Masséna.
Really i don't give a toss about French military stuff, I prefer modeling Russian, buit it's been a while I wanted to model this boat.
Of course, 1/35 i won't be able to model *the whole* of the boat. But believe me, if I succeed this one, it should be dreamy as Koktebel, rusted like Sokol, Grand like Archangel and Tsushima.
In other words, I start a huge project :)


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